The Yuejiang Tower (it means a towering building viewing the Yangtze River below, in Chinese) Scenic Area is named after its main scenic spot--the Yuejiang Tower. The tower stands high atop the Lion Hill which is located in the northwest of Nanjing and closely adjacent to the Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge. The scenic area has a total space of 31 hectares, one third of it covered by water and the other two thirds being land area. The plantation coverage within the area accounts for 85.3%. The scenic area is encircled by the Lulong River and the city moat on three sides and by the city wall built in the Ming Dynasty on the fourth side, taking on a spectacular look of "the city wall surrounded by water, the hill encircled by the city wall and the tower supported by the hill." There are over 30 other historic relics and cultural scenic spots in the area.

  • Yuejiang Tower

  • Tianfei Temple

  • Jinghai Temple

Standing high atop the Lion Hillis, the tower is 52 meters high and has a floor area of more than 5,000 square meters in seven tiers. Taking an L-letter shape in the planar way, the tower's main wing faces north and the secondary wing faces west, taking on a unique "corner of two surfaces". You can watch and appreciate the scenes over and along the Yangtze River from both wings. Climbing up the Yuejiang Tower, you can get a full view of the scenes on the immense river below. The view of all the beautiful scenes of Jinling (the former name of Nanjing) is so panoramic that you will feel relaxed and pleasant, and so much that you can not see over. Brightly lit-up at night, the Yuejiang Tower is crystal-clear and magnificently shining. It is more the best sentiment to watch and appreciate the lights and lanterns near, over or along the Yangtze River and the beautiful scenes of the City from the tower.

Video appreciation: Yuejiang Tower scenic spot